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24h time format / dark theme

12h time format / dark theme

12h time format / basic theme


jquery.timepickr was created in a attempt to make the process of inputing time in a form as easy and natural as possible.


jQuery UI ThemeRoller *Ready*


Google Code


svn co jquery-timepickr

Known issues

Report a bug

Please use the project's bug tracker to report bugs, also check if the bug is not already reported.

To report a bug, click on New issue and fill up the form. Don't forget to specify your OS and Browser (vendor and version). Finally, add ui-timepickr in labels.


Basic usage

        handle: '#trigger-test'
        convention: 12 });

Complete reference

Documentation and the complete list of options is available on the project's wiki page on Google code.



My name is Maxime Haineault, I work as project manager at Centdessin Design where I manage a small web development department.

I'm mostly developping this plugin in my spare times, so don't expect bugs to be fixed over night. If you want to help me improve this plugin, any kind of help would be greatly appreciated (bug fixing, documentation, new features, etc).

For that matter, if you really want a bug to be fixed quickly you can speed up the process by sending me your patches, I'll be glad to merge them into trunk if the code looks decent and doesn't break the unit tests.

Contact me

Development roadmap

  • First official release
  • Working 24h mode
  • Firefox and WebKit support (Safari & Google Chrome)
  • Input reset itself on blur when no click happens (see resetOnBlur option)
  • Applied themeroller standards described here.
  • Forgot to remove jquery.ui from the build .. it's now a bit more slick (290kb -> 24kb)
  • Fixed a variable scope, thanks Jeffrey Kretz
  • Fixed a CSS and for loop bug, thanks to Christoph Müller-Spengler
  • Minor code refactoring to follow jQuery UI standards
  • Updated for jQuery 1.3
  • Updated for jQuery UI 1.6
  • Updated against new jQuery Themeroller standards
  • Refactored/optimized ui.dropslide.js
  • Merged jquery-utils downstream bug fixes
  • Fixed IE bugs
  • Code cleanup
  • Fixed bugs #12, #13
  • Fixed option resetOnBlur
  • Created unit tests
  • Removed jquery.arrayUtils.js dependency
  • New packaging (jquery.timepicker.js & ui.timepickr.js)
  • Now including source files in distribution
  • Minor refactoring and code cleanup
  • Added default "system" theme
  • Complete refactoring
  • Integrated a plugin architecture
  • Removed dropslide dependency
  • Enhanced Themeroller comptatibility
  • Support for custom labels
  • Support for custom split range (2h mode)
  • Now using a Time object to manipulate input/output consistantly
  • Added theme switcher to demo page
  • Fixed bug 31, thanks to Nick.VP
  • Internet Explorer 7+ support
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Try integration with input masked
  • More demo and themes
  • Documentation overhaul
  • Internet Explorer 6 support
  • First production ready release
MIT License ~